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PM‑International 25th Anniversary Congress

25th Anniversary Congress

Mannheim June 9, 2018

Let us celebrate 25 years of success.

The 25th Anniversary Congress is planned to be absolutely amazing! For this very special occasion, all PM‑International distributors are invited to celebrate! Join us with your team, as we come together at the SAP Arena to celebrate our shared success!

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Vicki Sorg

Rolf & Vicki Sorg

Rolf Sorg

The celebration countdown.

25th Anniversary Congress will start on Saturday, June 9, 2018 13:00 in Mannheim, Germany.

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SAP Arena

SAP Arena

68163 Mannheim, Germany

SAP Arena

Flag Parade

Qualify as PT or higher in May 2018 and get the honor to represent your country in front of 13,000 people during a unique opening ceremony at the SAP Arena.


A once in a lifetime opportunity to get your recognition as IMM and higher in front of thousands of people from all over the world! You will feel unbelievable sensations on stage while you receive your new distribution level. Qualify yourself, for the first time, as IMM or higher between February and May and you will be able take part!

THE Party

Party like PM‑International! Whoever has been there before knows exactly what is meant by this slogan and can expect even more excitement and surprises for this anniversary edition! Together, we will shake up the SAP Arena and celebrate our past and upcoming successes!

Schwetzingen Palace

June 8, 2018 19:00

Top Management Gala "25 Years".

EXCLUSIVELY for fully qualified (confirmed) Top Management members (VP and higher) in April 2018.* Enjoy a top-class event with stunning shows in the indescribable and historical Schwetzingen Palace. Such a gala has not yet occurred in the history of PM‑International! According to Rolf Sorg this will be "an event that will never happen again!"

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*Exclusively for fully qualified (confirmed) Top Management members (VP and higher) in April 2018 (May 2018 for Asia). Shipment and invoicing of tickets will take place after reaching the qualification. The gala tickets are 100.00 € (excl. VAT). The dress code is black tie.

Unstoppable future success.

  • MilestoneNo. 41 in the Global 100 of the Direct Selling News.
  • ExpansionCollaboration with Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST).
  • MilestoneProduct quality tested by the independent external test laboratory TÜV SÜD ELAB GmbH.
  • ExpansionOfficially opened the International Headquarters in Luxembourg.
  • ExpansionHeadquarters Asia-Pacific in Singapore opened.
  • MilestoneNo. 43 in the Global 100 of the Direct Selling News.

Consistent record breaking sales.

  • ExpansionSecond administrative block built at the Logistic Center Europe in Speyer.
  • ExpansionNew Logistic and Administrative Center opened in Switzerland.
  • MilestoneAchieved 100 million euro annual sales.

Achieving monumental goals.

  • InnovationFirst product patents registered.
  • MilestoneLimited company changed into a non-listed joint-stock company.
  • ExpansionSecond warehouse and dispatch hall built at the Logistic Center in Germany.
  • ExpansionFirst subsidiary in Asia (Singapore).
  • ExpansionOpened the European Logistic Center in Germany.

Progressive in every aspect.

  • InnovationFitLine Optimal-Set launched.
  • MilestoneSelected as one of the TOP 100 most innovative companies in Germany for the first time.
  • MilestoneFirst internet shop introduced.
  • ExpansionScientific Advisory Board founded & Charity program started.
  • MilestoneCar incentive started.

Clear vision for premium health.

  • MilestoneFirst Edition of Sports Catalog.
  • InnovationActivize launched.
  • InnovationFirst food supplement product launched (Q10).
  • ExpansionWorldwide presence begins.
  • MilestoneCooperation with Network Legend Lawrence Thompson ceremonially celebrated.
  • InnovationFirst FitLine weight management products are marketed.
  • MilestoneThe Parent company is founded in Luxembourg.
  • ExpansionFirst country subsidiary opened in Poland.

PM officially launched.

Founded by Rolf Sorg, PM‑International understood how to combine the exact key elements that make up a successful company — unique and innovative product concepts as well as highly efficient network marketing.